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It was started By Chris Ion not a super celebrity but if you are into metal music, drumming or race car driving you may know him. Ion is when you receive a text from some one you don't know and you decide to fuck with them.
"hey do you know this number?"
"no. Ion that mothfucker"
"hey what are you doing"
"someone texted me and I don't know who it is so I am ioning him."
meg510 tarafından 14 Nisan 2010, Çarşamba
An acronym for in other news, used to abruptly segue into a different topic in the same post. Compare BTW.
... So yeah, my g/f is bound to dump me any day now. ION, Guitar Hero 3 is the awesomest thing in the history of stuff.
adick87 tarafından 16 Şubat 2008, Cumartesi
POS newby magnet. Plastic body, cheap PC, reg. and trigger. Whats not to love.
Paintfreak needed the cheap ramping on his crap Ion to even keep up with the newest of newbies.
SPfreak tarafından 5 Nisan 2005, Salı
Piece of crap , good for nothing, worthless
I can;t believe this ion
raion tarafından 3 Nisan 2005, Pazar