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'Jump Out Boys' is a phrase used to describe police, detectives, undercover officers, and other law enforcement personel.
More specifically the term refers to officers involved in sting opereations. (Narcotics, Prostitution, Organized Crime etc.)
The 'Jump Out Boys' are usually either the swat team, or the cops on stake outs inside the sound van, listening in on wire taps or wired informants. When tipped off, or alerted, these officers are known to jump out of the vehicle and subdue suspects by force, thus the term 'Jump Out Boys'.
They ride in unmarked vehicles, typically vans, trucks, and vehicles without windows.
Some gangs and/or squads are known tocall themselves 'Jump Out Boys' due to their simmilar, jump out style.
"See that U-Haul across the street, It's the 'jump out boys'. They been watchin us for three days."
"I got hemmed up by the 'jump out boys' last night. I was walkin home from the spot and they came out of nowhere!"
JGSR tarafından 1 Nisan 2006, Cumartesi
192 68
word used 4 feds when their in the hood
and jumpout during a drug deal or any other thing they find to be illegal
1st dude: i just got out of jail from selling that white

2nd dude: aw the jumpout boys cough chu during the sell

1st dude; yea cuzz
the 9th demention tarafından 13 Ağustos 2008, Çarşamba
13 3