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A flavor of chips that is not sold in America
<candian> Do you has Ketchup Chips???
<american> no... ):
<canadian> Aww... sad face
Xtreme2252 tarafından 26 Mayıs 2009, Salı
243 20
The most delicious potato chips ever produced, currently available mostly in Canada.
Me: So, I got these really good chips in Canada, they're Ketchup flavoured!
Adam: I got those in Connecticut. those are so good! (mouth waters)
snafu tarafından 19 Ocak 2005, Çarşamba
154 29
The possible, if not probable, aftereffect on one's peen of having sex with a lady during her special lady time.
"I thought it was a voodoo curse, but turns out I just got ketchup chipped."
Gross Hank tarafından 30 Aralık 2008, Salı
2 9
When a girl doesn't shower for several days after her period, and the blood dries into chip-like scabs.
John: Man, that girl last night was insatiable, but she was so nasty. She had ketchup chips all over.
notplo tarafından 17 Temmuz 2007, Salı
31 202