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Someone who is lesbian, bisexual or gay.

Taken from the film Jeniffer's Body.
'Dude, you're totally lesbigay!'
Elly93 tarafından 12 Nisan 2010, Pazartesi
Combination of the words lesbian, bisexual, and gay, therefore referring to womyn who love womyn, people who love people of both genders, and (usually) men who love men.
Bisexuals often feel excluded with the words "gay" and "lesbian"? Why not use the word "Lesbigay"?
Lorelili tarafından 25 Ekim 2004, Pazartesi
Another synonym for lesbian. Used harshly.
Look at that lesbigay over there.
Stop being suck a lesbigay.
viena tarafından 3 Ağustos 2010, Salı