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Either a dance or sexual intercourse. Referenced a lot in the musical entitled "Bye Bye Birdie".
Mr. Macfee: Don't just stand there, my daughter is about to loop the loop with a fiend!"

Eursula:"You said it yourself we've got a lot of living to do Motorboat races, midnight swims and loop the loop!"
BMPowell19 tarafından 9 Şubat 2010, Salı
n. an old synonym for 69, describing the sexual act of mutual oral stimulation.
God it was hot when Betty and Rachel looped-the-loop.
paddlenaked tarafından 26 Mart 2004, Cuma
A cockney slang that means "soup".
Also "looper".
Gimme some more loop the loop.
magicianfromriga tarafından 21 Temmuz 2010, Çarşamba