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Yet another term for dick (Penis)
A few moments after Lorena Bobbit picked up a knife, her husband soon noticed that Mr. Happy wasn't there any more.
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PierreII tarafından 13 Ocak 2009, Salı
also spelt as Mr. Happy
other than the charachter of happiness in the illustrated children's book series called Mr Happy.
Mr Happy means penis

As I saw Olga Kurylenko getting a bondage in the movie The Hitman I felt the urge to shake hands with Mr Happy.
#penis #dick #cock #schlong #dangler #phallus
Total Issues tarafından 1 Şubat 2008, Cuma
oxymoron- He is far from happy and feels no one else should be either. Also, never communicates with anyone what he's unhappy about, leaving all bewildered as to "what he's on about"

Speculations arise as to the general and specific sexual satisfaction of Mr. Happy, but again, due to poor communication, who knows.
"Oh look, its Mr. Happy again." "What a nutbar"
#mister happy #nut c #mr im so not happy #screwball #mr needs to rub one out
kazooie tarafından 28 Aralık 2012, Cuma
An erect, happy penis belonging to only one man in the whole world. Perfect partner for Mrs. Cosy, in which he fits snuggly and (as the name would suggest) cosily.
Ryan zeelie introduced Mr. Happy to mrs cosy and this great union resulted in great pleasure.
#mrs cosy #penis #pleasure #vagina #sex
hippykid tarafından 20 Temmuz 2011, Çarşamba
A Figure of Speech; when the "bitch" of your group of friends decides to do something bold and unexpected of them, you can simply remind them that Mr. Happy won't be pleased.

Mr. Happy can be any form of a terrifying creature, but in this case, he is a serpent lodged deep inside a seemingly nice womans vagina. When that woman becomes enraged or disgruntled, she sends Mr. Happy to do her dirty work.

Forms of attack include severe pestering, extreme discomfort, headaches, the ability to put one in a bad mood, extreme hair growth on thighs, shoulders, and face, and on occasion; death.
"I'm going to stay up until 6 p.m. today!"
--"Peter I wouldn't want to make Mr. Happy upset."
#peter #poo #bitch #happiness #mr. happy
Bukk Lao tarafından 12 Ocak 2011, Çarşamba
A penis the morning after having sexual intercourse.
I had sex last night. Mr. Happy is cool.
#intercourse #sex #johnson #penis #early morning dew
ekks tarafından 22 Eylül 2010, Çarşamba
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