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The act of getting a proverbial boner over something that is really nerdy.
Derek has a giant nerd boner over his world of warcraft character.
#nerd #boner #penis #shaft #tippy
Mr.Boracus tarafından 8 Nisan 2006, Cumartesi
achieving a boner from the gain of knowledge that has no sexual content
DUDE! I was watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and got a nerd boner
#nerd #boner #dick #stiffy #cock
Tehpirate tarafından 11 Kasım 2009, Çarşamba
When something is so imencly nerdy/tecy/geeky it could quite possibly cause an erection
I was at the dirtmall the other day and I saw a guy basically giving away old school N.E.S. games I totaly got a "Nerd-Boner"
#geek #nerd #boner #gamer #g4 #x-play #old school
Mike Lovitt A.K.A. Damina Cole tarafından 13 Ocak 2009, Salı
when one becomes instantly sexually aroused by something nerdy. this includes video game content, anime, cosplay outfits and costumes, and nerdy tattoos.
Neville: Dude, my girlfriend sent me a picture of her in her new costume... when I saw tabbie dressed as sexy Luigi I got such a nerdboner I had to go bust a nutt in the shower

Sam: Thats so fucking Nerdy!!

Neville: I got so turned when I thought about getting me a mario costume and fucking Luigi tabbie...

Sam: What the fuck?! Isn't that kind of gay dude..
#nerd #boner #nerd boner #hard on #arousal #dick
Claytopen tarafından 2 Ekim 2011, Pazar
An erection that is gained by nerds when they talk about technology. Benjamin Joseph Wickens gets them all the time.
What happens when people talk about goigle fiber is a Nerd Boner.
#nerd #erection #google #boner #ben
welshcaravan tarafından 3 Nisan 2014, Perşembe
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