A pejorative term for a network executive
Shows that are funny are often overtly censored or canceled by the network nazis.
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stillravenmad tarafından 12 Temmuz 2008, Cumartesi
Top Definition
An individual, usually male, who runs the Office IT in a ruthless fashion. For example, he will not let you keep fun jpegs or mpegs on the server for long, and discourages entertaining emails sent to the whole company. Every time he works on your computer, he changes your desktop image from picture of your family to None.
Sorry. I didn't get your email. Our Network Nazi blocks all emails that are from Yahoo addresses.
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Briannnnnnnn tarafından 23 Ağustos 2006, Çarşamba
Someone who lives in the same house as you, and controls the in-home network in Nazi fashion.
William wont let me forward any ports on our router.. not even for remote desktop. Hes being a Network Nazi.
#nazi #network #nazi network #network pirate #network commie
Maxtor27 tarafından 15 Ağustos 2011, Pazartesi
1. A slang term used to describe the local or remote IT administrator. Often used by user who posses little or no techincal knowledge combined with complete discrespect/disregard for corporate IT policies.
2. An underapreciated and underpaid IT aministrator who deals with Stupid users all day ( the ones who need to use a guide to send an email...or the ones who accidentaly move folders on files shares) and manages not to call them fuktartds or LUsers. To get back at them he fully enforces the corporate IT policy.
3. An overpaid babysiter- charged with the task of making sure users dont fuck shit up.
4. A liason between HR/Legal or Departmental Managers and the users- often the one who has to play the role of the "bad guy"
User on phone to cyber girlfriend ( who is probaly a man in real life...)- "The Network Nazi removed IM so I cant cyber with you during work"

User to Manager:
The Network Nazi made me change my password again... and I cant remeber all 8 letters so i couldnt run the report."

The Network Nazi removed all of my passwords i had taped to my monitor.

#luser #user #it #cyber #cybergirlfriend
hollatronix tarafından 10 Temmuz 2008, Perşembe
Someone who berates a fellow Facebook user for joining a City Network when they may not actually live in that city.
Paddy - "Why have you joined the London Network? Why? You don't live there. Why would you do that? Why?"

Ruth - "What's it got to do with you - Network Nazi."
#facebook #cities #networks #groups #online
Adam Shepphard tarafından 14 Mayıs 2007, Pazartesi
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