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the art of insertting objects in to ones rectum
James was suspened for being caught in the act of Nima.
C Gray tarafından 18 Kasım 2005, Cuma
Relatively new name in respect to Iranian names in general. Created by the neo-poet (Shereh Noe) Nima Yushij, it is essentially the backwards form of Amin; a bird of sorts
Nima is going to go work out...
you going to work out Nima?
Yah, Nima workts out
Nima666 tarafından 2 Mart 2008, Pazar
Known for great strength and wisdom. New generation (20th century) Hercules. Masculine, Smart, Admirable
Why cant you be more like NIMA?
NIMA E tarafından 27 Mart 2010, Cumartesi
a super cool gangsta, that aint hairy
check out that nima!
ydizzle tarafından 7 Mayıs 2006, Pazar
(Verb)The art of inserting random objects up ones rectum
Why is that guy nimaing himself
Roko8888 tarafından 27 Mart 2014, Perşembe
A beutiful young girl who is smart, cute, and physically strong. On the outside she may seem like the emotionally strongest person ever, but her heart will long for someone. She may seem like she's mean, but her heart is pure. She is very caring, only, she will worry a lot; so it's hard for anyone to see that care. She is comitted to friendship and relationships in life. She values it more than anything. She will not let you down until you let her down and she will always be there for you.
Nima is a great friend.
Neena Shah tarafından 25 Nisan 2013, Perşembe
A very convicing Asian lookalike of Jafar from Alladin
man hes such a Nima
''WOAH DUDE hes got the nima factor''
lolza tarafından 18 Şubat 2008, Pazartesi