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An anti-social homeschooler, whos parents run their lifes and have completed far to many calculus courses before reaching high school. Smells of dirty sweatpants and home-made "mac n' cheese." Typically driving their mothers mini van and quick to correct others in their sinful ways. Usually spends their time competing in state chess tournaments and beating off to their runescape girlfriends. Penis size does not extend above 3 inches. Sandals and socks are a must unless rubber boots are called upon in climate desicision. Plays fart baseball with their "friends" for fun.Earlier ages spent at the bangor pool and trying to overacheive AR points.
Example 1.I met a patoonie once at a bible camp called junior camp. The campers compiled together to have a nice squirt gun fights in the wood. One of the campers had explosive diarrhea. I'm not shitting you murky brown baby poop colored water came railing out of his butt and onto his feet. Upon witnessing such a glorious occasion i yelled " hey! look! He shit his pants!!!" the leaky camper started crying as the other campers surrounded him and laughed. The humility was to much for this patoonie. He ran down to the lake to wash the shit out of his sweatpants. Shit pants couldn't take the smell and ended up barfing in the lake and crying. Patoonie rage clouded his mind and he charged at me for telling the world that he made slip n' slide out of his sweat pants. in conclusion this prime patoonie shit his pants, cryed, barfed in the lake, and tryed to fight me

Example 2. My patoonie brothers and their patoonie friends decided to play fart baseball in the tent resting in the back yard. Fart baseball has it's rules. one fart gets you to first base two farts makes it to second base etcc... the patoonie exclaimed " HOMERUN!" he shit his pants..................
cock big weiner tarafından 4 Aralık 2010, Cumartesi
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