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A website used to upload pictures onto the internet for public viewing, mostly among online friends.
Okay, I just finished my drawing, lemme scan and put it on Photobucket.
Joshua Squires tarafından 17 Eylül 2005, Cumartesi
A web-based image hosting site which offers new possibilities for web page design and linking.

Mostly used by myspacers in order to enhance the overall look of their myspace page. For example, if myspace joe wants to place an image of his favorite singer all he has to do is get an account at and upload his image then copy the url and use specific html to create the image on his profile.
"I just got a photobucket and I've already got like 70 pics uploaded!"
#pics #photo bucket #linking #myspace #photo whore #scene
fafsfassfvcx tarafından 5 Ocak 2007, Cuma
Good for editing pictures, but not good when it "terminates" your account for violating the Terms of Services, when you have not.
"Man I am so pissed off. I tried to get on my Photobucket account for the first time in a while. It said I violated "TOS". What the hell?!"
#piece of crap #photobucket #extremely pissed #assholes #stupid
Pissed off Kid [t.a.n] tarafından 22 Ocak 2010, Cuma
A popular photo website mostly used by myspacers for picture editing. Has recently been taken over by unwanted pop up adds.
OMFG this is the eighteenth pop up ad i've seen on photobucket. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR SALE SPRINT, I JUST WANT TO UPLOAD MY PICTURES!!
#photobucket #sprint #annoying #good website #pictures
Pixie Grrl tarafından 22 Kasım 2009, Pazar
This image or video has been moved or deleted.
Photobucket is so glitchy...
#images #videos #photoshop #youtube #forum
gcncc tarafından 20 Mayıs 2012, Pazar
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