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When you begin to shit in a toilet, and the water splashes up and touches your butthole.
I jizzed when I took a shit and got a Poseidon's kiss.
Dickbutt tarafından 10 Mart 2012, Cumartesi
When water splashes up from the toilet onto your butt from your poop dropping into the water.
Upon defecating, Alex felt the cool wrath of Poseidon's Kiss as it grazed his buttocks.
billypilgrim3000 tarafından 8 Mayıs 2012, Salı
When you drop that dark brown nut loaf and the toilet water splashes up, Cooling off that burning ring of yours.
That Poseidon's kiss really soothed the ache from last nights curry.
Primal Blue. tarafından 8 Ocak 2016, Cuma
The act of toilet water splashing up onto exposed asscheeks as a result of a large amount of feces dropping into the toilet.
Erik: Dude, looks like you got some swamp ass there!
Roger: Nah man, just Poseidon's Kiss earlier this morning.
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Funny Boner tarafından 21 Mart 2016, Pazartesi
When water splashes up from the toilet onto your butt from your poop dropping . It's so gross but so relatable!
A: Dude I just went to the bathroom and experienced Poseidon's Kiss.
B: So relatable!
KoalE tarafından 31 Temmuz 2016, Pazar
The feces stain on the side of a toilet that does not flush out.
Every toilet in the men's bathroom had been touched with Poseidon's Kiss when I had to clean them at the end of the night.
JohnnyColt420 tarafından 8 Şubat 2015, Pazar
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