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Drinking before any occasion.
1. Prefunk before the club
2. Prefunk before the party
3. Prefunk before class
whoswang tarafından 12 Aralık 2004, Pazar
200 66
Pre-Funk: (noun): an informal social gathering that takes place prior to the official ceremony, or social gathering, usually involving intoxicating activities and generally resulting in pre-function inebriation.
After pre-funkin at the pad with my peeps, we poured one to the curb for our fallen homies and headed to the party.
Izer tarafından 21 Ekim 2003, Salı
48 13
To start drinking before the party so you show up having a better time than everyone else.
We pre funked in Jenna's car with a fifth of Skyy before going to Crosby's on Halloween.
Sunny tarafından 22 Aralık 2003, Pazartesi
56 24
the party before the party.. to get fucked up before you go somewhere
Jake: ey we pre funkin at your house
Jesse: o fo sho'
T I double G R tarafından 5 Şubat 2006, Pazar
26 21
Getting high before you go out.
Wanna prefunk at my place before the show?
Anita tarafından 22 Mart 2005, Salı
18 93