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Similar to Cheese It. Usually Involves sitting in the Car and peeling out.
"Oh shit it's the cops! PUNCH IT!"
Hazard tarafından 23 Ekim 2003, Perşembe
36 5
Having people round your house for the weekend and Partying. Celebrating the fact they are there with punch. Preferably alcoholic in nature.
Man 1: "I have the boys round this weekend, you coming bro"
Man 2: "Bro, you should Punch It dude"
Man 1: "Dude, Punch it!!!"
Man 2: "Dude"
TheDudeowski tarafından 25 Haziran 2013, Salı
0 3
When you have a free period in school and you go down to the farthest drink machine from you to waste time/ get a Hawaaian punch
Dude, I don't have any homework, let's punch it.
freakingname tarafından 22 Aralık 2006, Cuma
8 18
to jack off. shorter version of all the "punch the..." sayings.
i'm going to go punch it. or dude last night i punched it like 4 times. i'm just sitting around punchin it.
max locstar tarafından 29 Mayıs 2005, Pazar
9 19