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(verb) Fornicate, have sexual intercourse, fuck; act of sex from male perspective, performed by male.
All I want to do is ram that bitch.

He was ram(ming) her so hard.
#hump #give #fuck #sex #intercourse #pussy
P'tainz tarafından 6 Ekim 2010, Çarşamba
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Random Access Memory

1.Memory used by computers to store the currently running operating system, programs, and open files. Erased when power is turned off.

2.The thing a computer never has enough of.
"This computer has 512Mb of RAM."
king tarafından 27 Mayıs 2003, Salı
Beyond making love, having sex, and fucking. To have forcefull relations with someone, without much regard to their pleasure. When you fuck someone like you hate them, with the idea being to acheive your orgasm and leave them wanting more.
I'd make love to my wife, have sex with my girlfriend, fuck my misstress, but I'd ram that chick over there.
#bang #fuck #sleep with #sex #make love
Helljin tarafından 28 Aralık 2005, Çarşamba
What to do when it doesn't fit
The plug didn't fit so I rammed it in
Cheezu$ tarafından 28 Mayıs 2003, Çarşamba
When a wrestling coach makes someone their bitch, and makes them worship his jock strap.
Coach really ramed him, did you see him up there in his office sniffing his shorts.
#jock strap #man-stink #spew-chew #bliss #wrestling
GrapplerG tarafından 15 Ağustos 2010, Pazar
Conquer of the impossible. A guy who excels in every aspect of life and makes all women horny.
Also has a very large penis.
Ayo, you know that dude Ram? He is such a pimp! That boy be getting ass daily!
#hot #sexy #amazing #awesome #stud #large
zhangster tarafından 31 Ağustos 2009, Pazartesi
The action of sniffing a wrestling coach's crotch area and instantly falling in love with the man scent.
When I got to ram coach today, it smelled so good I want to worskip his jockstrap.

When coach made me ram him, I became his bitch I even offered him my truck if he'd let me perform oral for him.
#jock-strap #man scent #spew chew #service #stink
GrapplerG tarafından 15 Ağustos 2010, Pazar
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