1) a tool, such as a socket wrench
2) (corruption of "wretched"), derogatory hip-hop slang for an unpopular, obese, average-looking, rude, closet poly, hip-hop person, usually a welfare client with children from multiple parents, substance abuse problems and a narcissistic personality disorder, hence the multiple partners and nightclub brawling. Often wears ill-fitting leggings, torn fishnet hose and a loose, matted hair weave in a bright color. Extra income may come from multiple partners, begging and/or prostitution, due to hir poverty. Term is often hypocritically used by similar speakers. Warning! This term is a racial stereotype, sexist fat and slut-shaming speech and may provoke ethnic violence from target.
3) hip-hop slang for gun, knife, or assaulting someone. See meanings 1 and 2.
4) Science fiction video game character from "Ratchet & Clank" series
5) Science fiction robot character from "Transformers" animated series.
1) "Hand me the ratchet from my toolbox," said my father as he worked on his car.
2) "That person is soooo ratchet, in that bad weave and tore-up stockings!"
3) "Let's ratchet that mutha#@%$," he said and pulled a 9-mm. ratchet on him.
warriorprincess61 tarafından 29 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi
adjective. a person (or activity) that is in general, over the top, out of control hood/ghetto, gritty, and unapologetically so

antonym. bourgeois

Hurricane Chris.

In a sentence:

"I live for 1/2 off drinks on Big Booty Tuesdays. I'm so ratchet!"
baptastic tarafından 6 Aralık 2012, Perşembe
The mispronouncing of the word WRETCHED

*of poor quality; very bad
"These hoes be too ratchet-"

"Just stop! The word is wretched."
tadalicious tarafından 29 Temmuz 2014, Salı
Derived from the word 'wretch' (poor, despicable, inferior, pityful).

(ratch, noun). The girl who thinks she's hot she's actually ugly and unflattering, probably being sloppy and obnoxious, and has a big attitude.

(rachet, adjective). Not on-point (clothes, hair, etc.)

You have fun singling out these girls and violating or shit talking about them, especially if you don't like her in particular.
She look nasty, she ratchet.
<4_|_|-|>- tarafından 29 Nisan 2012, Pazar
A term that Ignorant people use to describe others.
People of this sort are calling each other a type of wrench, that moves in a ratcheting motion, It is not a name to call someone, it is a tool often used to work on things with nuts and bolts!
The mechanic used the ratchet to remove the oil drain plug from the automobile.
PANDA <3 tarafından 16 Ekim 2014, Perşembe
The Medical Officer from Transformers, not a disgusting human being.
Optimus Prime "My Medical Officer, Ratchet." Ratchet "Hmm, the boys pheromone level suggests he wants to mate with the female." Transformers 1, when the other autobots arrive.
MichaelS125 tarafından 13 Nisan 2014, Pazar
A type of lockback folding knife originally from Germany. These are very popular in much of the Africa and much of the Caribbean. Ratchet Knives are often associated with gangs and criminal activity. In Jamaica they were closely linked with "Rude Boy" street culture.
Ratchet Knives are named for the ratcheted blade lock mechanism.

The ratcheted blade lock mechanism keeps the blade from snapping shut on the user's hand even when only partially opened. The ratchet knife is usually unlocked by using a pull ring on the back rather than the more common push buttons or levers of most lock blades.
Both of these features make it less likely for the knife to snap shut across the user's fingers during a struggle.

However the key to the popularity of these knives is mostly due to their extremely low price, wide availability and intimidating ratchet sound on opening.
The most famous brand of ratchet knife is the Okapi. Originally made in Germany for export to German territories in Africa the production of Okapi knives moved to South Africa during the 1980's where it is still a very popular all around knife, especially with local criminals.
The Okapi was also the favored ratchet of Jamaican rude boys who often referred to them as "Three Star Ratchets" due to the three stars inlaid on the handles of many Okapi brand ratchet knives.
"Walking down the road, With your ratchet in your waist, Johnny you're too bad"

-Johnny Too Bad, The Slickers
teaserpent tarafından 27 Aralık 2014, Cumartesi
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