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A clever combination of rofl, lol, and lmao!!

Football Stud: Fuck! My fiancée left me for a computer nerd!!

Steven Hawking: ...ROFLOLMAO!!
Biomenace tarafından 17 Mart 2007, Cumartesi
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Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud My Ass Off
When Something is funny
Anonymous tarafından 24 Ekim 2003, Cuma
When something is so funny that none of the wordsz ROFL , LOL , LMAO can be used to desribe it so they have to join up to show it is xtremely funniie.

A: I can't believe Bob missed the penalty , mang he stinks!

B and C : ROFLOLMAO`sz !
Alaaan x O tarafından 18 Nisan 2009, Cumartesi
Rolling on the floor laughing out loud my ass off
person 1: hay man have u heard that JB is a boy

person 2: ROFLOLMAO
crissilluminatilord tarafından 18 Mart 2013, Pazartesi
an epic mashup of the three words for depicting an unusual en very funny moment
On the


A: im sexy!
A: WTF ?
cloudtt2 tarafından 19 Aralık 2011, Pazartesi
Roll on floor laughing out loud my ass off
Peter:Stewie is so homo.
T. Semple tarafından 21 Şubat 2008, Perşembe
Rolling on the floor laughing out loud with your ass off.

© a LoL Production.
Oh man that guy just made me ROFLOLMAO!
InSaNe( tarafından 19 Ekim 2009, Pazartesi

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