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Nuff said
Roselle." "What?" "You heard me, Roselle." "Awesome." "Word.
rosl20 tarafından 14 Şubat 2011, Pazartesi
the most beautifullest girl in the world from the small island of Saipan who is the best girlfriend in the whole wide world! As a bonus she also sells cars for her neices and nephews so they can enjoy life!
Neices/Nephews say to Roselle...

Auntie-Selle my car hafa nei?!
DMyles tarafından 29 Ağustos 2008, Cuma
A shitty suburb of Chicago that no one likes and is full of losers.
dude you're from carol stream? thats awesome, i'm live in the ghetto aka roselle. it sucks and is full of losers
epicw1n tarafından 2 Ocak 2011, Pazar