The best clthing material made. It is great for looking at woman and men.
Gawd, girl you soooo fine wearing that spandex
bill tarafından 22 Nisan 2005, Cuma
A material that no one that uses urban dictionary is old enough to remember.
spandex is out of fasion
#old #tight #80's #dance #under armor
Xx_TEV_xX tarafından 14 Haziran 2009, Pazar
the best freaking word ever! It's another word for tight.
Bob: "Did you see dwight howard's superman dunk in the Slam Dunk Contest?"

Fred: "That was so spandex, man."
#tight #cool #awesome #drippin #hot
Scadoosh tarafından 10 Temmuz 2008, Perşembe
An unwanted or unsolicited text message sent as a promotional advertisement or marketing ploy.
I keep getting blasted with spandex from KFC. No, I don't want to text DD to ##### for a free double downwich.
#spam #spamming #texting #junk mail #junk text
M. Wiener tarafından 5 Mayıs 2010, Çarşamba
Black pants that girls who think theyre cool wear.
those popular girls should stop wearing black spandex tights as pants.
#spandex #black #popular #girls #pants
Cc91 tarafından 3 Mart 2009, Salı
something not good to wear while having sex
spandex stick too much and become difficult to take off
vicki tarafından 27 Kasım 2003, Perşembe
What tools use to describe tight clothing.
Jonah: hey fellas they're wearing spandex at the game tonight!
Everyone: Jonah, you sound like a tool
Sourdeezal tarafından 14 Ekim 2015, Çarşamba
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