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An awesome force in the universe. Owning all one at a time. Fearless and unequalled in skill......he is Spit-wad.
OMFG Spit-wad just RAPED my team!
JollyJoker tarafından 16 Temmuz 2006, Pazar
85% of this men are are ugly, but 100% have lots of money they are willing to give to you just so you can aknowlegde them because they are very desperate. Many of them hold a job at a Feild, & Lecherias and live in old crumblimg trailers. Or maybe you'll get lucky and meet a cute one, but it hardly ever happens.

Do not over use a SpitWad for they can become dry & useless. Also beware of SpitwadBlockers for they do exist and they will block your well earned SpitWads!


Oyes quedate un rato mas y si quieres te doy dinero or lo que quieres mija.

(Hey girl I'll give you anything you want if you just stay a llttle longer.)


Pues damelo orita y luego venimos para cotorrear, por que tenemos algo que acer bien rapido.

(Well just give it to me right now, we'll come back to hang out, cuz we gotta do something real quick.)



Ugh man I need some money, I'ma have to call that nasty ass spitwad.

*Other girl: lolz thats gross, but funny cuz they actually think there gonna get some.

*Girl To Girl: Hey lets go SpitWading, I wanna get drunk.
PetraLaDeSin. tarafından 16 Kasım 2011, Çarşamba
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