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Also known as "pseudopoo".
Doing a Sudoku puzzle on the toilet at work under the guise of a traditional "on-the-clock" shit.
Dal: Dude I just had the sweetest Sudopoo!
Jord: No way! Did you actually finish the puzzle?
Dal: No man, kept getting stuck on number 2.
Jord: Bummer, flush that one eh?
Dal: Yeah, my interest really tapered off.
ArtAdams tarafından 15 Mayıs 2010, Cumartesi
5 0
A Japanese number puzzle played while sitting on the toilet.
He has been in the bathroom for 45 minutes now. He must be playing Sudopoo.
lennyjackson tarafından 17 Kasım 2011, Perşembe
3 0
maybe the reason your dad has occupied the bathroom for nearly an hour.
Dad, are you gonna be quick in there or are you droppin' a sudopoo
pieyed tarafından 20 Ocak 2009, Salı
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