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used during fishing: a very nice and long cast ; can be used by itself by just saying "Troph"
"Oh my god!, did you see that troph?"

"That cast was Troph"

Craig D tarafından 28 Ekim 2006, Cumartesi
Awesome, amazing, baller, straight up sick, etc.
Yo dawg, that inward heel was so troph!
dawgonific tarafından 3 Ekim 2010, Pazar
to nourish or eat.
What should I troph today?

What did you troph at lunch Brent?
Crim Silverstein tarafından 10 Ekim 2008, Cuma
1. Straight up baller.

2. "Planet Earth" enthusiast.
3. Likes : "You should have advised earlier. You do not fucken respect tenants" -- Mysterious Le Lorne resident.
4. AOE3 pro.
"man troph is too pro. gg" - some noob
critifer tarafından 24 Eylül 2011, Cumartesi