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Virgin Mary Boy

Someone who hasn't had a lot of sexual experience.
Look at him getting a boner from just looking at her. He's such a VMB
Fakster tarafından 4 Mayıs 2009, Pazartesi
Vending Machine Breakfast: A pastry or something from a vending machine at work that you eat if you don't have time to have anything better. Some people will have VMLs or even (God help them) VMDs.
Oh, man, what time is it? 6:45?! Shit, I gotta get to work. I'll just have to have a VMB.
Mel tarafından 13 Ekim 2003, Pazartesi
Vacate My Bowels
I can't believe I didn't VMB when you fell off the pier!
charlie & Hef tarafından 4 Ocak 2011, Salı