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Wagaboo: A Neanderthal Cannibal race that raped, pillaged, kidnapped, bred with, and consumed (ate) the physically weaker, more evolved and civilized tribes in prehistory.

"You heard it on the internet"
The word "wagaboo" wagaboowas first heard Nationwide in the 70's cult classic, 'Quest for Fire'. It premiered a nude teen Rae Dawn Chong. (<sp?)

. .. QQ @ her> (@) (@). ; )
Awesome flic for adult Students of Evolution. Ancient Africans trap, natural select, breed with and teach Neanderthals to make fire. rated R***. V+,N+ ?, too much to list. No real spoken dialogue. stone age b movie?
Crossed Paradigms tarafından 28 Şubat 2013, Perşembe
A bit of a mess of a human being/animal, often very fat and squat. A bit of a sexual predator, the wagaboo will often throw itself upon its prey at any given opportunity. It will accept no resistance, and will persevere until its prey is broken down with no defences left. This can also be referred to as the shagaboo, the shagamama and the shamu. On nights out the wagaboo will be the most drunk, trying to get onto all of your friends whilst screaming outs it mating call, which sounds a bit like, "worrgghhhhhhh". It will then make up stories and excuses to try and sleep in other peoples' beds. Beware of the wagaboo.
That fat girl who tried to get onto you last night whilst you were out, she was wailing "I LOVE YOU, WORGHHHH". and then at the end of the night the wagaboo started crying because she didnt have enough money to get a taxi home, in the hope that out of the goodness of your heart you'd let her stay there.
belle jar. tarafından 14 Şubat 2011, Pazartesi
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