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The act of a man ejaculating into his hand and slapping his victim, usually a female in the face.
You just got webbed ho.
#webbed #slapped #smacked #pwnt #clowned
Pro Fo Sho tarafından 28 Mayıs 2007, Pazartesi
Is term used commonly in the south-eastern area of melbourne. It basically means that you're fucked.
Fred: Oi, did you see what happend to Frank
Nick: Yeah, he got webbed by the Principal
#fucked #screwed #caught #trouble #attacked
Jaunts tarafından 6 Şubat 2015, Cuma
As in getting webbed i.e becoming a victim of cyber crime
Sharing your information on internet and letting anyone have access lead to troubles these days like defamation, adultery
Girl 1: I just sent a nude of my tits through snapchat
Girl 2: be careful with who you share your personal with, you can get webbed.
#internet #slang #informal #teenagers #defamation #adultery #gadgets
trippy god tarafından 14 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi
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