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Going crazy, being wild, just doing anything
Partyin hard as hell.
Ryan tarafından 10 Aralık 2003, Çarşamba
A term used to describe someone or a group of people who are "wild and out of control". Can be used as a verb only, stated "wylin'". This term is voiced best with aggression and excitement as it only used when those who are wylin' out are undoubtedly breaking the law or causing micsheif.
To assault someone- lets wyl-out on this cat!
To celebrate a victory in the game, exclaim- WYLIN"!!!
In response to an Outlaw spotting- yo, yo they wylin' out son!
As a threat- I'm bout to wyl out on someone.
Cuttin a story short- we was just wylin out, ya know...
Getting crazy up the club or concert- thats wylin' too
b i g d tarafından 15 Ekim 2005, Cumartesi
to go crazy; act out
nigga you wylin out.
you wylin out tenisha.
Jarred tarafından 19 Nisan 2005, Salı
to be shouting to all the fly hunnies on yo block to get them in yo ride and be like whatup!
That wangksta started wylin out to dem hunnies on da corna and den hoes said nigga pleaze
pull up pimp tarafından 29 Temmuz 2003, Salı
To run away from the police;athority figure
to leave
to be less than adequate; sub-par
usually accompanied by a delicate waving of the fingers
synonyms: wallin'; buggin';trippin';
yo wyle out!
yo s. hersey be wylin!
yo, you wallin...damn I sexy...-shadia
GangstaCrackaFresh tarafından 25 Ocak 2005, Salı
to leave if someone is fuckin around with you
he was bein annoying so i wyled out
yeeeeaaaaaaaaaa tarafından 1 Haziran 2005, Çarşamba
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