late 1970 slang for crack cocaine,no spanish, yeyo in spanish is "egg yok" more or less
Frist time most people heard it was in scarface (best movie ever) "chi chi get the yeyo"
bill bob tarafından 4 Mart 2004, Perşembe
Top Definition
YÉYO is an Ultra Premium Tequila sold in the US.
YEYO TEQUILA tarafından 20 Nisan 2009, Pazartesi
in panama(the small country where the panama canal is) means that something is cool or nice.
in that country they speak spanish, for some people who don't know..
Mike: Look at that guy's new car..
Pauly D: its yeyo...!!

in spanish:

Mike: Mira el carro de ese tipo.
Pauly D: Esta yeyo..!!!
k3vin010 tarafından 13 Eylül 2010, Pazartesi
YEYO is actually the Maasai word for mother not Swahili (which is mama).
My kids love their YEYO
Malaika1 tarafından 10 Şubat 2011, Perşembe
Cocaine, haven't you seen Scarface?
Chi Chi, get the yeyo
kali213 tarafından 9 Ekim 2003, Perşembe
Is a street name for cocain. Comes from movie Scarface.
Chi Chi get da Ye Yo
Gangsta tarafından 23 Şubat 2005, Çarşamba
ye yo means mother in swahili
in eryka badu's song "ye yo" she's telling her child that she can always count on her because she's her ye yo
lady fiasco tarafından 6 Ağustos 2006, Pazar
Means - "Bunch of Gangster", "Hustlers", People "Running From Police"
Did you catch those "Ye-Yo's"?
tdot123 tarafından 14 Aralık 2009, Pazartesi
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