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Someone who lives in the bush, or an agricultural / country area.
" Look at those huge spotlights on that ute "

" Oh, he must be an 'Agi' "
briskeg tarafından 31 Mart 2007, Cumartesi

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Hairy face with pimples on ass. Never been laid but needs the pank BADLY. a completely miserable BITCH that loves to whine
That Girl is such an agis
Julez12i tarafından 24 Mart 2010, Çarşamba
anal gerbil insertion....ya ya gay guys do it to get it on. they freeze gerbils in the freezer then shove them up their ass and wait until they thaw out and then they crawl out.
"dude the AGI was awesome last night, you shoulda been there"
BRizzle tarafından 16 Aralık 2003, Salı