doing something or experiencing something at such a level that it becomes annoying. (like listening to too much ska, or radiohead)
Dear sir/madam, Please desist said action because it's unbeleivably irritating. If this request is not met within an adequate amount of time, I will kill you with a rusty shovel"
poopsmith tarafından 16 Haziran 2003, Pazartesi
Slang, used to describe the best group of friends someone has ever had.
Man, you guys are annoying. I love y'all.
Hoostin tarafından 2 Ocak 2006, Pazartesi
wrena holliday
i have a big nose and i'm soo ugly... shut up wrena your annoying
subwayeatfreshlemonade tarafından 26 Haziran 2010, Cumartesi
some one who is not welcome, and who is a bitch
dude phil buckley is so annoying, i think i will kill him
carsonbowse tarafından 28 Mayıs 2008, Çarşamba
indian girls with a bengali background but born and raised in US
she is from bengal; therefore shes annoying
vesh346 tarafından 2 Mart 2008, Pazar
Donald Trump
Your so annoying
coolguy152 tarafından 12 Temmuz 2016, Salı
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