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1. A man's testicles where sperm is produced.
2. Courage or bravery.
3. Manliness.
4. Something yelled to shock people.
1. During oral sex Jackie licked Ed's balls.
2. He didn't have the balls to jump off a three-story platform into the water.
3. He may look sexy, but Dereck doesn't have balls.
4. The boy said to his grandmother: "Balls!" And she passed out.
anonymous tarafından 29 Haziran 2003, Pazar
4958 982
Dude, you must have some major balls to fuck that shit
Kevin tarafından 8 Aralık 2002, Pazar
2117 886
Can be used in place of Fuck, shit,crap or damnit to express anger, disappointment, disgust, etc.
Teacher: "Alright kids, time for a pop quiz."
Billy: "BALLS!!!"

"Sarah's a terrible cook, her meatloaf tasted like balls"
J Rock tarafından 23 Mart 2005, Çarşamba
1919 781
a testicle
My balls itch.
mkic0n tarafından 20 Ocak 2003, Pazartesi
872 327
the testicles, usually stored in the scrotum unless you have problems!!!
I have 2 balls, lick em' bitch!
Horny old man tarafından 11 Kasım 2002, Pazartesi
1329 802
his balls swelled as she played with them in her hand
dawn tarafından 15 Haziran 2002, Cumartesi
1037 612
the correct abbreviation for "eyeballs" as opposed to the common mistake of using "eyes"
Teacher: Now students, I want your balls on me.
*students continue talking*
Teacher: No talking! Put your balls on my face right now!

Tom: ah, its so bright outside
Paul: yeah, the sun is right in my balls!

Gage: My eyelid's are gone!
Paul: that means your balls will be showing all the time!
darksideofthepaul tarafından 10 Temmuz 2008, Perşembe
701 328