Short for bye bye
bb, cya!
hexa tarafından 12 Aralık 2003, Cuma
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Netspeak for baby, most likely used at the end a phrase as an added emphasis or exaggeration.
Those r sum nice eyes uv got der, bb.
notgnna tarafından 22 Eylül 2006, Cuma
Short for "baby", used by men on cam websites when their right hand is too busy to reach for the Y key.
turn around bb
plarelcs tarafından 7 Aralık 2011, Çarşamba
Short for "baby".
Usually used on the internet on forums, comments, profiles, messages, IMs etc.
"Hey, bb!" i.e. "Hey, baby!"
atropas tarafından 24 Nisan 2008, Perşembe
Bare Back. Meaning not using a condom.
I'd like to have sex with my girlfriend BB but she is afraid of getting pregnant.
tallgirl0424 tarafından 15 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe
A pet name for friends meaning 'baby'. An exclusive word that can only be used by people of certain ranking.
The word 'bb' originated in the mid New Hampshire Dartmouth area.
Moriah: Hey bb.
Sal: Hey bb!
salasaurus tarafından 23 Şubat 2014, Pazar
Big Boy, a large male. Can be muscular or simply large.
Wow that BB ate all of the steak at the buffet
Tdog79 tarafından 13 Aralık 2014, Cumartesi
bb is short for bottom bitch, or a butt buddy (someone you are so close with that its almost gay). This can only be achieved by very close friends.
Hey bb, come over.
K bb
Fatniss Neverlean tarafından 29 Mart 2015, Pazar

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