Big black soul; someone who is extremely emo and also is fat
Person1: Look, it's the BBS!!
Person2: AHHH!!! She's wearing more eyeliner than usual!!!!
gihbsizzle tarafından 24 Kasım 2010, Çarşamba
BBS is an acronym for Bitches be Schemin. In reference to a member of the female race in general.
BBS all day everyday... I'm just sayin..
vIxN tarafından 6 Ağustos 2010, Cuma
abbrievation of babes
hey bbs , hey babes
haroldthehooker tarafından 9 Nisan 2010, Cuma
Basement. Blunt. Sizemores.
B.B.S. Goin in the Basement and smoking a Blunt at Sizemores.
Jarredrizzle tarafından 17 Nisan 2008, Perşembe
BBS, an abreviation of Bulletin Board System now more commonly known as Forums. BBS are usually found on the Internet but Network based BBS are often used by large businesses.
Check the BBS regulary.
BloodiedFangs tarafından 4 Mart 2005, Cuma
BBS: Bare Butt Spanking
you have been a very bad girl... you deserve a BBS ;o)
DWH tarafından 7 Ekim 2007, Pazar
belly button sex
"Who is your BBS partner?"
"I have a whole line of partners!"
csgirl tarafından 5 Mayıs 2009, Salı

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