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Same as jacking off, but in addition: Any time a mechanical device is temporarily malfunctioning, especially in an erratic motion fashion, it is beating off. See also on the rag and otr for malfunctions of a 5-7 day nature
Bill, the tachometer in you GTO is beating off. (wiggling erratically between 1400 and 3600 RPM)
andy1 tarafından 23 Mayıs 2005, Pazartesi
see jack-off, beating off is the same as jacking off but it seems to sound more harsh when u say beating rather then jacking
i love to beat off in wierd places
rhcpgod tarafından 12 Ağustos 2003, Salı
When you're doing something musically and accidental get off beat.
Tim: "*1-2, 1-2, 1--2*"
Jon: "Wow Tim, you're really beating off!"
B Talented tarafından 6 Ocak 2008, Pazar
when a girl puts a trashcan between her legs and rubs on it
She's beating off and laughing about it!!
Anonymous tarafından 29 Ekim 2003, Çarşamba