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Bitch, biotch, biatch....

Or a bugs vagina
Dude, your such a beesnatch.
...Brady... tarafından 1 Nisan 2005, Cuma
n: bitched up snatch
adj: one who smokes too much (weed)
Justin is such a beesnatch, as he's always being such a hooker; he's a real beesnatch when he's fucked up.
jaypooh tarafından 4 Temmuz 2004, Pazar
A word with an understood and hard to explain connotation. A stupid word created by Clif Hastings, with very little meaning. can be used as a verb or a noun apparently.
"I'd like to bee-snatch dem titties"
"Dude, thats nothin but a god damn bee-snatch!"
Mr. Error 404 tarafından 14 Ağustos 2004, Cumartesi