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An english teacher that caws like a bird and makes randy jokes like "Calpurnia should get on the stick." She can be noticed by her noah and the ark dress, and she keeps information on all of her students in a desk drawer, "just in case." She lives in a tree.
"I hated English today."

"Yeah, that woman is such a bird-lady."
Billiemarie Marshall tarafından 17 Haziran 2008, Salı

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Owner of 2 or more birds
There is a girl who always has her birds all over her, dang, she's a bird lady!
birdie0000 tarafından 26 Nisan 2012, Perşembe
1. When your hair is sticking up in the back like old bird ladies with wild,poofy hair.

2. A cowlick
"Dude, you have a major birdlady today."
Birdlady tarafından 5 Nisan 2006, Çarşamba