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totally the awesomest, no lie
aw man rachel is beyond the bomb diggity
rachel tarafından 19 Nisan 2004, Pazartesi
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Awesomeness in its purest form.
tealdude4 tarafından 17 Şubat 2005, Perşembe
{adj} - A description of something that is better then excellent, great, good, amazing, et cetera.
"Yo, those shoes are the bombdiggity!"
"Your mom's cooking is the bombdiggity, man!"
Aleey tarafından 22 Ekim 2004, Cuma
"somthing that is cool or just the shit"
"Damn man, that trick was bomb diggity!"
Andrew jizones tarafından 19 Mayıs 2003, Pazartesi
Incredible, beyond anything you could imagine. Sexy awesome, wonderful and way cool.
The love in my life Linda H. is the BOMBDIGGITY !!!!!!!
VEGAS1968 tarafından 21 Şubat 2011, Pazartesi
groovy, hip, happenin, now
Dr. Duke is the most bomb diggity doc I know. He is hot!
dudet tarafından 2 Eylül 2004, Perşembe
Just a different, more creative way to compliment someone. This word must be prefaced with the word "The".
You're awesome You're frickin' great! You're the BombDiggity!
Kyle tarafından 14 Mayıs 2004, Cuma

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