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A bitch trapped in a mans body
man steven is a borkin
leah tarafından 27 Haziran 2004, Pazar
24 17
To Google oneself, or engage in other acts of internet self-discovery.
"I can't believe he admitted that he borkinned himself."
Rembrandt Ferguson tarafından 29 Nisan 2006, Cumartesi
9 9
the brand name of computers that Chuck Norris and God use.
Holy crap Ted, my mom got me a Borkins computer for Christmas! It's the shiz - I'm gonna cum in my pants!
Allah babba tarafından 30 Aralık 2010, Perşembe
1 2
To tell a sexual lie
you didnt do that chick. your borkin.
Robb Pearson tarafından 18 Ekim 2003, Cumartesi
7 13