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n. a gay guy's penis. My mother thought up this word.
Tom Cruise's pants are so tight that I can see his Brokeback Fountain.
Nora Joanna tarafından 18 Mart 2006, Cumartesi
The act of becoming very close to someone, usually of the same gender, while they are bent over a fountain.
"Dude, back up, this ain't broke back fountain!"
3031204 tarafından 26 Haziran 2008, Perşembe
A very homosexual member of a particular team in the country of Okinawa
Guy 1: Dude! Did he just grab my ass?!
Guy 2: Hey brah don't worry about it, that's just Brokeback Fountain.
Brokeback Foutain: ........I love penis.
Mr. Pihb tarafından 30 Nisan 2008, Çarşamba