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the most amazingly sexy and incredible girl in the entire universe. big tits blonde hair blue eyes, smoking body, all added to the best personality you will ever find in a girl. The whole shabang.
"Damn, your girl is a real buga bear, you are fucking lucky!!!"
Bryson Sharp tarafından 13 Kasım 2007, Salı

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amazing best girl crazy sexy hot smoking hot
an, ugly fat chick that's trying to get some cock from you and you don't want her.
what the fuck!, who in the hell let all them damn buga bears out of their cells?
Nick Paszkowski tarafından 14 Aralık 2004, Salı
An affectionate term for the opposite sex.
"Good morning bugabear :]"
Bernard Kingsley tarafından 11 Mayıs 2010, Salı