Something that is extremely gorgeous.
"She is bum!", "This tastes bum!", "You look bum!".
AlexanderSammy tarafından 6 Mayıs 2011, Cuma
(verb) To let someone borrow, and if necessary keep without repayment.
I told him I could bum him a spare keyboard, but he ended up stealing the one from the store anyway!
Benry1 tarafından 6 Nisan 2011, Çarşamba
Someone who sits around all day and watches movies.
Berr is such a bum, all she does is sit around all day and watch dirty movies.
Donthatesonn tarafından 1 Aralık 2009, Salı
A word that is usually used in the United States,in states such as Virginia and Maryland.Depending on the context,it can mean cool or attractive.
Cameron: "What does Alicia's older brother look like?"

Danielle: "Oh, you mean Mike? Dude is straight bum,yo!"

Cameron: "If he looks that sexy,I wish I could have seen him."
Teisa k. tarafından 12 Mart 2009, Perşembe
Butt Ugly Mom.
(opposite of MILF)
Your Mom is a total B.U.M.
Alpha Doug tarafından 9 Şubat 2009, Pazartesi
Rocco Dimeco
what he is in his everyday life at Norwich University a bum!
Sincerly; Josh Brown tarafından 8 Aralık 2008, Pazartesi
someone who wont make a llama ninja out of balloons.
Josh is a bum
verrry disappointed tarafından 18 Ocak 2010, Pazartesi

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