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slang for penis.
"my cak is hanging out of my pants."
Hakins tarafından 30 Mart 2004, Salı
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Alternate pronunciation of "cock", the male sex organ. Used as a slang term.
Guy: "I'd like to take my cak and slap her across the face."
Guy's friends: "hahahaha"
Firemaneric tarafından 17 Nisan 2006, Pazartesi
A new-age, ever-popular growing, slang way to say cock. Also pronounced with a "y" sound preceding the A.
It is a well known fact that everyone on earth is a cak except for Craig.
CDBek tarafından 5 Eylül 2003, Cuma
Multiple Dick's; 2 or more Penises.
That chick just seriously took some serious Cak!
CameronlikesCak tarafından 22 Nisan 2010, Perşembe
A huge giant monster penis.
Have you seen Matt's huge cak, I have to take an elevator to the top just to fuck him!
MattyDaddy tarafından 26 Mayıs 2003, Pazartesi
Acronym for: Corporate Ass Kisser.

That guy at the office who will throw anyone under the bus to get ahead and gain favor in the boss's eyes.

A suck up who will do anything to please the boss.
"Ya, he's a fucking CAK. He'd do anything to climb the ladder."
her roomate tarafından 24 Ağustos 2009, Pazartesi
Male Genitalia; a Penis; a Cock.
Pixagen sucks cak all day long
1337 tarafından 18 Ocak 2003, Cumartesi

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