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A native indian hailing from Michoacan, and other northern states of Mexico whose name has been unfairly turned into a derogative term used to describe a "tacky Mexican".
Look at that farmer boy walking down the street, what a chuntaro.
Ulysses Daniel Rodriguez tarafından 6 Şubat 2004, Cuma
Mexican slang word, synonym for "naco:"
(1)an Indian or Indian-looking Mestizo
(2)an uncultured or lower class person
Pronounced: CHOON-tah-roh
That barrios is full of nacos.
Aaszdraadtzul tarafından 12 Nisan 2005, Salı
poor youth of Northeast Mexico
partisans of rock en espanol band El Gran Silencio
xochik tarafından 13 Mayıs 2004, Perşembe
A type of gangster cumbia. The dance can varey on where they'er from. Its usally perfromed with a group of chuntaro gangsters. Each one will take a turn in the center,until the song a over
Damn man I wish I could dance chuntaro like them fools over there.
Sebi tarafından 10 Mart 2004, Çarşamba