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Got Milk?
Just Like Campbells...MmMm Good tarafından 21 Haziran 2003, Cumartesi
"when u take someone shyt and dip it out a there. if they ask fo they shyt back u molly wop they ass"

You quickly take something from someone hand and say "Cookies!" Then you dip out of the area and persue running. If the person asks for their possesions, continiously beat their asses (see shank .
Nart S cookied all of Jantes neck hair.
Nart S hit the cookies on Jantes dad.
Nart doesn't like Jante, so he did something with cookies to Jante's Family.
Blan J -Sp^6 tarafından 11 Aralık 2004, Cumartesi
Relating to crack in the shape of a cookie
You been sellin any cookies lately
Justin tarafından 6 Kasım 2004, Cumartesi
The most annoyingest food that can be used against one another. Eater discretion is advised.
Come to the dark side, we have cookies.

The cookie monster.

The cookie jar.

The cook's key.

Your mom.

WEKNOWWHEREULIVE tarafından 22 Mart 2009, Pazar
That douche has a tiny set of cookies.
jimbob-emmajean tarafından 18 Ocak 2009, Pazar
When three or more people are in AIM chatroom & talk about retarded stuff . They use the word COOKIES a lot .

Also a nickname for a girl .

Or a mofcking yummy snack :
" oh look , cookies here ! "
sarawr tarafından 22 Ağustos 2007, Çarşamba
small pieces of site information
Cookies are required for Yahoo! Mail.
veggieness tarafından 5 Nisan 2005, Salı
a word to say something to your friend if they were doing things with someone or refering to the guys private
yo, let me find out you was droppin' dem cookies
Roshani tarafından 5 Mart 2005, Cumartesi