Multi-Shaped delicious crunchy edible that Keith loves.
Who told you you could eat my cookies.
Anonymous tarafından 9 Mart 2003, Pazar
interception in madden football
i through a interception and todd yelled out cookies!
Loc-nass tarafından 16 Ekim 2007, Salı
The money inside the cookie jar (see cookie jar)
"yes man did you get the cookies?"
r!chard tarafından 16 Ekim 2007, Salı
meaning to be done with; when something is over, finished
did you see that run for the touchdown? once he got past that defender, it was cookies.
LeCh23 tarafından 7 Aralık 2005, Çarşamba
When a girl is giving a guy a handjob and she keeps going and giong. Eventually it looks like Cookie dough. My friend Mike told me that.
Chris wants me to give him cookies, but calls me a prude when I say no.
I'm not telling you tarafından 20 Haziran 2004, Pazar
one day, a girl had 6 cookies. it was the first time she ever had cookies with a boy. many people around her realized "cookies" was slang.. for.. :gasp:... SEX.
man: i really want some sex.
girl: no, you really want some cookies, and i'm afraid you can't handle all the cookies i'm about to give you.
Samantha tarafından 14 Mayıs 2004, Cuma
a word used after someone has been completely humiliated.
person1:if i wanted you to talk, i would have jiggled my zipper


bystander: COOOOKIES!!
mcnasty tarafından 6 Şubat 2004, Cuma

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