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FOR SURE the greatest mascot ever made in history. Period.
Duffman can't breathe! OH no!
Hyper tarafından 27 Ocak 2004, Salı
150 45
A fictional spokesman for the beer company:
He represents all that is malty
and alcholic.
Tends to do alot of thrusting
to the song "Oh yeah" by Yello.
The simpsons.
"Duff man is thrusting in the direction
of the problem!"
"Duff man can never die,
only the actors who play him!"
Phoebe tarafından 6 Nisan 2004, Salı
68 5
1.The paid spokesmen of Duff beer.
2.His catch phrase is "Oh Yeah".
anonymous tarafından 16 Nisan 2003, Çarşamba
35 3
A character from The Simpsons
works for Duff Beer
"duff man oh yere!"
"duff man can't breath!"
"duff man oh no!"
Xhent tarafından 28 Ağustos 2003, Perşembe
32 8
quite possibly the greatest mascot ever to be made in history. period.
anonymous tarafından 11 Ekim 2003, Cumartesi
40 18
the spokesman for the duff beer company; a brewery stationed in sprinsfield. he is a muscular person with a trademark voice and saying 'oh yeah!"
duff man can never die, only the actors who play him.
tim tarafından 23 Mayıs 2004, Pazar
16 7
A revered and feared Day of Defeat: Source player that pays his allegiance to Clan Red Fusion. There has been no mention of any one player that can contain his explosiveness on the battlefield, especially when he's sniping or using his insane pistol. But watch out, his carbine is to be given the utmost respect as you will be able to hear it in the distance, ripping holes through his victims. Have fun kids, I know he will....
Duffman! said for you to...TAKE A SEAT!
Dufferino tarafından 19 Ocak 2006, Perşembe
0 6