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Someone who is very cool and well-dressed.
Mah man Antonius is always duggy around dem bitches!
staccato brainstem tarafından 16 Şubat 2005, Çarşamba
A state of freshness in which one is recognized by others as being the shit.
Yo did you see Marcus today? He always walks out the house looking duggy.
Factor "X O" tarafından 5 Nisan 2009, Pazar
a haircut
Adam loved Emily's new duggy when they met for the first time in Florida.
photohobo tarafından 21 Şubat 2009, Cumartesi
A personal favorite or obsession. Similar to saying you "dig" something.
Man, I love BLT sandwiches. They are my duggy.

I don't care what you like. Cold beer and baloney is my special duggy when I watch football.

adamogron tarafından 22 Ekim 2008, Çarşamba
back shots with your own prefered dance. While your hommies videotape your performance.
i went over to my girls crib and pulled the duggy on her all night long.
P P D D tarafından 21 Şubat 2004, Cumartesi
A person who pretends to hit someone but instead uses it as an excuse to grab thier dicks.
Man that alex is such a duggy.HE JUST GRABBED MY PENIS.
alex hayes tarafından 12 Kasım 2005, Cumartesi
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