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void of any substance, like slipping into a comma.
last night i was watching mtv and it felt like my mind was going emptyv.
That Bum tarafından 5 Haziran 2005, Pazar

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A play on MTV. The kind of television programming that you don't plan on watching, but find yourself watching when you need to do something else. Television programming of no real substance and no educational value. Not because of a lack of something to do or motivation to do something else, you wind up watching.
I spent 5 hours watching empty V and didn't get anything done on those marketing reports.
johnmmurphy11355@hotmail.com tarafından 30 Aralık 2005, Cuma
The state of what was once MTV.
"Just watched The Hills marathon on MTV!!!1"

"You mean eMpTyV."
D-BeamGeek tarafından 21 Ekim 2010, Perşembe