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(interjection) an exclamation of disgust
I just stepped in a horse turd--ew!
Disgruntled American tarafından 28 Haziran 2004, Pazartesi
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word used to describe something gross
GIRL # 1- EWWW, Spiders

AC tarafından 19 Aralık 2003, Cuma
a word us girls use to describe most guys
Jackie: Look! That dude is so skinny, he should be Nicole Richie!
Rachel: EW!
Karina M tarafından 10 Nisan 2008, Perşembe
The sound you would think a koala would make.

To make this "ew" sound yourself, you have to say "EW!" really quickly, in a high-pitched voice.

Now doesn't that sound like what a koala should sound like?
Mom: EW!
Child: Mom, stop being such a silly momma koala!
RicaRick tarafından 28 Kasım 2010, Pazar
something that's horrible
"omg, he just shat on the carpet"
fngk tarafından 11 Ağustos 2008, Pazartesi
Eternal Wannabe
unpopular girl: OMG I LUV YOUR SHOES!!!

popular girl: *turns around to friend
She is so EW.

popular girl #2: totes
NoTaLoSeRpOoSeR tarafından 1 Şubat 2012, Çarşamba
It means that someone is calling you gross. It's an insult.
Joseph: Hello, people! Guess who I am?
Jimmy: You are so ew! =/
Himitaka Tumashi tarafından 1 Ocak 2005, Cumartesi

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