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Something or someone that is flowery, girly or gay.
1. You're faffy.
2. This salad is pretty faffy.
anonymous tarafından 28 Ekim 2003, Salı
45 26
A common nickname for anyone named Luke
Also Australian nickname for vagina aka pussy
Me: Hey Faffy
Luke: Hey
Doug Hogan tarafından 19 Haziran 2008, Perşembe
34 26
The "father" version of mommy
Mother-->Mommy Father-->Faffy
Erica: Wanna go party 2nite?! wootwoot!
Rachel: Can't, faffy gave me a curphew
rowb723 tarafından 26 Eylül 2008, Cuma
13 13
Australian slang for vagina.
We're going faffy hunting.
dec0de tarafından 7 Haziran 2004, Pazartesi
34 34
A nickname meaning intelligent, happy, and friendly. Usually given by a friend as a sign of compassion. (Can be slightly altered: Faf, Fafmaster, Fafmeister, etc.)

A small squirrel-like creature in the South Western region of the Amazon.
Friend: "What's poppin' Faffy?"
'Faffy': "Just some popcorn... Why, are you hungry?"

"Don't look now, but I think I've spotted a rabid faffy up in that tree to your left."
Fafmaster tarafından 5 Aralık 2008, Cuma
5 14
someone who is really fit, derived from the term F.A.F
'Shit, did you see Sam with his shirt off?'
'Yeah, he is WELL faffy'
Benjy-x tarafından 30 Ağustos 2009, Pazar
2 13
a word that means TOTTALY AWESOME!!!!! it can also mean faggy.
im so pumped for this concert its going to be so faffy
gundar svinktar tarafından 30 Eylül 2007, Pazar
4 27