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Provokative spanish courtship dance for a man and woman
We skipped the light Fandango and turned cartwheels....
Anonymous tarafından 3 Haziran 2003, Salı
Trying hard to be cool, in an ostentatioius or overly obvious way, usually with style of dress but also can include mannerisms or behavior.
Man, look at the fandango outfit that he's wearing -- it's pathetic. Did he have to go for the sequins, too?
Golf maven tarafından 7 Mayıs 2005, Cumartesi
Loony with musical tendencies, or, Musician with strong links to crazy!
look at that bunch of fandangos jam!
#fandingo #fangdango #danfango #landango #bangarango
mr hannan tarafından 28 Ocak 2013, Pazartesi
1.Fan Dango: The ability to coerce people in logical platitudes of demise
2.A feather used to arouse the lady bits of nobles and certain breeds of cat in the early seventeen hundreds
3. A party consisting of no less than two males but no more than five and no less than three females but no more than seven
Yo I got that bitch with my grim fan dango
Who has been using my fan dango???
Hey man Im totally diggging this fan dango man, its fucking awesome
clichedguy tarafından 5 Şubat 2005, Cumartesi
A word to describe large, erect nipples that are noticable through a t-shirt and can poke your eye out.

Occurs when in cold weather and kinky situations or just really happy.

Jerry: Ouch!
Mr Penang: Sorry Jerry
Jerry: Watch where you swing those fandangos!
#nipples #erect #hazard #ouch #fandangos
Mers tarafından 25 Eylül 2007, Salı
its a polite way to say the "F" word
Man, go fandango yourself.
#freak #stupid #idiot #ass #fuck
YungStunnah<3 * tarafından 31 Mart 2010, Çarşamba
any group or collection of four or more whores, prostitutes, call-girls, ladies of the night.
"dude your getting married tomorrow, lets go find some FANDANGOES"
#group of whores #prostitutes #sluts #call-girls #ladies of the night
Reptar King of SC tarafından 10 Kasım 2011, Perşembe
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